Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To you

When in the darkness of night
I wake up suddenly,terrified,
Hopeless,blank,without any light,
I think of you, I miss you.

When on my bed I lie,
All alone,numb and still,
I can feel you, sitting by
My side, sweet and caring.

When I feel like breaking into pieces,
When I am mocked by everyone,
You come to me and take away all my pains,
And I sleep peacefully.

When amidst oceans of deep unrest
I am at the verge of sinking,
You lend me your hand, lest,
I would have been lost forever.

When I seek someone very own,
In between thousands of unknown faces,
Your image emerges, you are my very own,
And I feel pacified.

I am a part of you,
I am in you, always,
You make me exist,I hope I was with you,
Always and forever............

(This poem is dediacted to my dearest mom and dad)

What if....

What if the last drop in the ocean dries,
And the thrist of hope is carried forever,
What if I get lost in the unknown sighs,
And then comeback never?

What if the sunlight never reaches the ground,
And forgets its path somewhere on the way,
What if I say I never wanted to be there,
And then forget everything that comes on my way?

What if the rainbow never shows up again,
And all the colours are forgotten,
What if I never go to search them?
All colours become faded and rotten.

What if all the goodness glances vanish
And there are no friendly smiles?
I too draw an end to it,
And hatred pervades everywhere, for miles and miles..

What if I say that I want to break into pieces,
And shatter all in vicinity?
What if I diminish to a point,
And travel towards infinity?

What if I free myself from all false ties,
And travel the blessed path forever,
Will you still remember me , my dearest,
If I am not there?

Silence Says...

I can sing a song for you
A song that brings you joy shower,
But never will I come to you,
And you shall know me never...

I can tell a story to you,
That will soothe you and remind you of good times,
But never will I need anything from you,
Though I will be a friend for all times....

I can be by your side,always,
In sunshine and cloudy days,forever,
But always will be parted in our ways,
And you will know the reason never....

I can love you, be with you, be a friend of yours,
And make your life the best,
But I can never be yours,
Till I lie silent, at eternal rest.....


Do you know the little fairy
Who lives near the old castle,
And spends swiftly her hours,
Tingling,singing and talking to flowers?

Do you know the little fairy
Who peeps from behind the clouds,
And the reddish tinge on her cheeks
Brightens from behind the silver lining as she peeps?

Do you know the little fairy,
Who plays with the stars and the moon,
In the magical hours of dawn and dusk,
And who flies up above with the skylark

Do you know the little fairy
Who laughs for no reason
And who is always so humane,
Who dances with the first shower of rain?

Do you know the little fairy
Who fulfils everyones's wishes,
And consoles the forsaken child who cries,
With her feathery touch and bright big eyes?

Do you know the little fairy,
Who speaks with unspoken words,
And showers the joy of first love,
And then sits at peace like a dove?

Do you know the little fairy,
Whose round big eyes say everything?
With her love and care she nurtures everyone,
She lives everywhere and within everyone.

A Maiden's Little Desire

She is my dream, though a distant vision,
A token of love,who knows where is she?
My soul, my passion,
Yet so far away from me

She wonders in the secrets of my heart
A desire veiled from everyone,
Her smile makes me laugh,her wounds make me hurt
Oh!She is my very little imagination

Her small paddy feet dance in rhythm,
Her innocent face blushes in the mystic moonlight,
And her bright big eyes,they twinkle
My little hope is untouched from every false delight.

Though a fancy, yet very often,
Her thought veils all my feelings,
And my bitter parts soften,
And my life drenches with the offerings.

And I forget every gloom and pain,
She leads me too a brighter world and shows a new way,
Full of smiles and hope, though all in vain,
As she is still so far away....

Love for You

Let me lift my soul and my heart far away from thee
Where the songs of spring are not sung
And no one with hope and love comes to me
Friend , I have forgotten thee.

My bones ache, my voice trembles, my heart pains
All my senses have become dead
I have waited for you many a days
Friend, now I have freed thee

For ages I have confined myself in darkness
And subdued my passions for you
I have veiled myself and lost my face
Friend, I have forgiven thee

You have won everything you urged for
For me its only some reminents
And now there is nothing to adore
But friend , I have loved thee

(Written on 30.10.2000)


I searched for myself amidst the grey and white clouds,
Ladden with the burden of moisture
And floating in the highest of sky tower
But I could find myself no where, no where

I searched for myself in nature's green
In the bud, in the leaves, and the dreamy flower,
And all that is unknown, undeciphered, unseen,
But I could find myself no where, no where

I searched for myself amongst the lifeless concrete
In each selfish cage, in each suffocating bower
And looked for myself in the darkened shadows
But I could find myself no where, no where

I searched for myself in the songs of the wanderer
Hoping to be retrived by someone, somewhere
In life's song, in the rainbow of its experiences
But I could find myself no where, no where

I searched for myself in the deepest ocean
Where all hide their gloom,secrets and desire
Cant I see myself in him, I asked?
But I could find myself no where, no where