Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anonymous tales

The past few days have been a bit stressing and yet brought something which is so satisfying.The satisfaction of succeeding with solely your own efforts.Not that I am boasting of my third semster results and not that I got something very great.But simply because I managed to get a decent score.But for me this means something more than this.
It is not that I have never faced adversities in my life and perhaps because of all those tough moments I have had, I am here today.From the uncertainities of seeing your closest ones in the worst health ,struggling with the unwanted sympathies of a male dominated world to facing my own bad health during my school days.Very few people would have known how it feels to get high dose of antibiotics, steroids and all kinds of medicines for a kid of standard VII or VIII and still attend school, do household work, support the family and still manage to get high scores.My childhood let me know how to excel while remaining within the constatints.Still I had the self confidence, which now I really admire and so much of optimism in me that never let me put down my high aspirations.They say, that I have been always very clear on what I want .True..I know I have been..that made my passion come true more than once.Innumerable instances of when I tried to do things my way, lots of examples when I bypassed the skeptical notions of over sympathetic relatives,neighbours, friends who were never to be found in times of despair. But then each of those times I never struggled with myself, I never struggled with uncertainities of my future.That is why I regard this semester results so precious.Past 3/4 months I had been very ill..and that made me not only struggle with my physical health but also with my inner self..effort estimations went wrong and given that todays world doesnt leave a space for someone who is weak, I feel my results are commendable.Not that I am boasting of my achievements which any ways is not so great,rather I am writing this because I feel there would be many people around me who would feel the same way . And these few months have actually taught me dealing with the most weird kind of comments from people I would have never expected..perhaps sensitivity is a rare thing in today's world!!!But yes, somewhere I am more tough now and that shows in my results and thats what makes me feel so satisfied. One of my friends used to say that we cannot satisfy everyone..and neither can I , but in these few months and broadly during the last about 2 years , I have really learnt to make trade offs, and to accept trade offs , perhaps life comes with a pinch of salt..and we should try getting best out of it.As I try spending these last 2 months in campus I can always find a more vibrant verdant on the other side..just waiting eagerly for that :)