Monday, September 15, 2014

Midnight Travelouge

Is it a fall?
No it's a journey.
But isn't it downhill?
Yes.It's a long walk and it allows to come back and meet again..where you left.
But still.It's a fall.Won't you say it?
No.You can come back and this time uphill.
But uphill is difficult?What if you can never come back?
Well..there's always a place in the woods..where the road turned away to  denser greens
Do you have a company?
Yes..I different times.
Do you seek someone?
No.I seek something.
And did you ever come across it?
Yes. Quite a few's just that it never allows itself to flows know..just like that river that flows by the hillside.
And you still seek it again?
Yes.My work is to search..until I get tired..till I am there.
Till you are there?
You see..I may be ..I may not be..sometimes things are not meant to be like what you would believe,or at the least want to believe.
Isn't it confusing?
No...It's surprising!
And what's that you see far down the hill?
That's  life..
And what's here..uphill ..where you start?
That's also another life..
And what are you ..and the others?
Well..we all are just mediums of transfer.
For The Thing you seek?
Yes.It is and it never ends here.