Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Like waves..

It's not about big things you could have done
Or petty things that you do,
It's not about the achievements- there might be none
Neither about the failures - some of them you might not even know!

Day in and day out you might find yourself,
Trapped in sarcasms, betrayals, loss,
And yet, continually rediscover yourself,
Like those relentless ocean waves...

There are people you wanted to be with,
And people whom you never urged for,
And yet you find yourself in a cozy realm to be with
It is because, it's you, whose identity makes it worth for.

You are free to fall and arise again,
And follow your own path – the one which still lies afresh,
And the one that has been trodden, again and again,
The more you like it, pain of fall is less

The satisfaction of being oneself
It's a hard earned treasure,
No repents, no compromises and nothing that haunts yourself,
Freedom, they say, is a gifted measure