Friday, December 26, 2014

Simplify and Go...

Observe and don't just see, listen and don't just hear, understand and don't just learn. Such is said to us in our growing parents, by teachers. These are supposed to make us more empathetic , responsible and sensitive human beings. However in the process, somewhere our so called intellectual minds start over-doing it.Don't we start searching for a reason when none exists? Don't we start looking into things "in-depth" and "analyzing", "slicing-dicing" every bit of information we see, every bit of response that we get from our surroundings and every individual whom we get close with? We cannot simply accept things at its face value. If we get ill-treated by someone, betrayed by someone, we still keep on finding reasons and more intricate reasons that "there must be some legitimate reason for the person doing that". And somehow that "legitimate reason" has to be as close as possible to what we would like to believe, something that would not challenge our own judgment And on the contrary , when something good happens to us or is about to happen, we still can't accept it wholeheartedly.We always try to find out reasons and more reasons, rationales and more rationales...So why, what, when, where..questions pop-up just like that!! Our intellectual, superior minds, minds taught to scrutinize each and every thing can't accept anything which is blunt.

Going by how human mind processes what it sees, there have been distinctively two schools of thought.One , that of Descartes who was of the notion that belief and understanding are two separate processes. So , basically what he meant is that people , at first, consume some form of information and then depending on how they understand that information, they believe it/ disbelieve it.Descartes' argument is intuitively correct, as we would always like to "believe" that we are rational individuals.
This is also called the Cartesian approach.This approach typically also helps to say that one always had the option of processing the information before believing it.It does not question the purpose of the person on the other end , if he/she purposefully wants to divert the other. Descartes , as similar to many of the philosophers of his age, considered philosophy in the light of theology.His school of thought always supported the fact that human beings possess the capability of understanding something and then believing it. Hence, if you are a follower of the Church, that necessarily means you and solely you are taking an informed decision. Similarly, if you are falling for a wrong person,if you are choosing the wrong career for yourself , you are taking an informed decision and nobody else but you are responsible for it.

The Cartesian approach had been challenged by Spinoza who was of the opinion that there does not exist any parsing of the mental process. Hence, human mind has a single process, which is "believing" unless and until that is proven wrong by external factors.This approach, though looks quite unattractive and unappealing, led to various experimental studies and research later on.
So what is the default position of human mind?Well, following the various research that went on, now it has been proved that Spinoza approach is more correct. So , human mind believes first unless something happens to challenge the veracity of that.

Coming back to my initial question, if human mind "believes" by default, then are we seeing a delineation from the normal when the intellectual modern human tries to look beyond the face value and finally believes that which is not even stated?Is this a new phenomenon typical to the thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent, urban world citizen?That is the reason, some of us, and probably each one of us would have at least some unanswered questions about other individuals..why was she  behaving like this..why did he say this..why did he do this...questions like this remain unanswered through out our life. We do not believe on the information we have, rather add on , may be some extraneous variables to the equation.Extrapolating more and more things are getting into us.

May be sometimes, simplifying things shows the right way.Accepting information at face value may not give a 360 degree coverage , nevertheless, an all round view is not necessary always and specially when that is going to be mostly based on hypothetical ,possible scenarios biased towards our mind's inclinations.Simplification of thoughts is required, even if that leads to hard truth.But dwelling again and again and over analyzing only burdens us.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Silly things

Everyone has his day and way of finding ways to avoid.Well what I am talking about is the instances when we have made up some story/done something in-order to avoid a particular situation/place/individual.
When I remember my engineering days, I still remember how I gave up having tiffin during lunch time , just because I was not in talking terms with the friend who used to share my tiffin!And thus landing myself into some gastric problem!And the friend, who made every possible move to avoid me, be it boarding the wrong bus the moment he saw me approaching the bus stand, or moving to the next desk in an almost cyclonic fashion the moment he realized that it was my bag placed beside his desk :) much of effort really went into that!!It took 7 months for us to be back to talking terms.And seriously now it feels really so silly.And then how can I forget those 7 days when I had a serious fight with my best friend because he had skillfully painted a nice, blue moustache on the newly bought barbie printed bag that my dad so fondly gifted to me! It was perhaps one of the most difficult 7 days of my life that I can difficult it can get if you know the person in and out, you spend almost entire time together and just one day changes everything! And yes we patched up later- and those 7 days still remain as sweet, silly  little moments of life to cherish. 
The list is endless.Everyone has them.Taking the longer route, intentionally delaying or hurrying up , hiding himself in bathroom/under the quilt and what not. And these little things have been both to avoid people and sometimes to catch up with people too.For me , one such instance used to be when I would take the longer, break journey including a 2 km walk  from Scottish Church college to ensure that I spend more time with my friends.
When seen these things in view of present, they really seem so important to us and we spend so much effort to observe people or take stock of situations, sometimes harming ourselves too.But every time I look back and think, they seem to be just trivial and funny things of life and I wonder how much time and effort we spend in all these trivialities which may sometimes defer our vision from other more important things.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Unsaid Lie

Say it for once,
Say it for the last time,
Say it till her patience lasts,
It's good to lie sometime

Your eyes betrayed your words,
Your lips shattered your truth,
She still awaits to hear it from you,
Bring her some peace, make her soothe

You had your moments,
You still, will have those,
Let her listen to the lie for once,
Get her ready to lose

Say it for the first time,
And yes, for the last time, ever,
For the sake of her silence,
For the sake of  time forever..

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Ok guys..I am back..yes..straight after January I wrote a poem when I visited Chennai(lol..can that be possible!!).This is my second blog post of the year and first , after I have become one of those extremely sought after desis in US.Why I didn't/couldn't write in these many months, in spite of tons of thoughts and new experiences crawling into head(some into my heart) is a mystery..well not a mystery though..come on..every genius has a writers block.And people who have known me, know how many blocks I deal with!!and of course I am "the genius".

Enough of bragging done..anyways no amount of self promotion helps if the product is not good- optimum to be precise.Let's see what I have to write for today..Not that I run out of topics..I have ample of them..US, India, Modi, Mamta, movie,mind,marriage, love, porn, sex, dhoka, dhokla, .forgive me the series in which I have stated the above words!! But writing becomes a challenge when you are confused about what to write and about whom to write.So for now I have finalized the main character of this blog to be me.Yes, I am highly narcissist and I deny to become an avtaar of goodness and motherly good.

Coming to the point,yesterday was really enlightening to me. I was reading through my old posts(to increase the page view count obviously!!) and it amazed me, how I have not changed!!Every time we go through a bad or good experience we bloat about how that changed our lives. We miss people who we think changed our lives, we miss the time, the place. Unaware of the superfluous nature of life and time, we think that events, people -they are so important they can change us.And we humans are really so inert to change , as soon as we realize that the change is against our thought process. However if, the change is "wanted" then we give it lot of nice and melodious names like marriage, love, friendship, new job, B-school, Investment banking,home etc etc.And this is specially true for narcissistic people like me who find greatness in believing that if a change happens, that should happen by my own choice and not accept anything on the fly.If something happens beyond your own control, then definitely that hurts the unknown, undefinable and obscure term called self respect. You tend to believe and pity yourself that "you have changed"!!
How I have behaved in the past years has been completely erratic..but as an analyst , as an MBA, as a consultant I am supposed to give a solution to anything and everything. I cannot run out of answers!!

So here comes the conclusion, that how much ever we try  or whatever be the situation, change is a thing that happens in its own sweet way, if it has to happen. If not,you still remain same,no matter how much you crib for it.Change is not something that you will be able to "experience", but it will just happen, for good or bad.It is only after several years that you can figure it out.And when life changing events/circumstances do happen in your life, you are too oblivious to them, specially if those are unwanted ones. You react in a totally different manner than expected and become kind of senseless, may be a way to bypass the time that is borne out of it(or may be the situation is borne out of time!!).You don't even know what you say, do, react, make others do.You are not in a position to..
Things just happen...there is no way you could have changed anything and hence the change in your inner self also just happens, there is nothing more to it and most other people will give a damn  that you are changing unless that actually decreases their incentives in some way or the other.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Midnight Travelouge

Is it a fall?
No it's a journey.
But isn't it downhill?
Yes.It's a long walk and it allows to come back and meet again..where you left.
But still.It's a fall.Won't you say it?
No.You can come back and this time uphill.
But uphill is difficult?What if you can never come back?
Well..there's always a place in the woods..where the road turned away to  denser greens
Do you have a company?
Yes..I different times.
Do you seek someone?
No.I seek something.
And did you ever come across it?
Yes. Quite a few's just that it never allows itself to flows know..just like that river that flows by the hillside.
And you still seek it again?
Yes.My work is to search..until I get tired..till I am there.
Till you are there?
You see..I may be ..I may not be..sometimes things are not meant to be like what you would believe,or at the least want to believe.
Isn't it confusing?
No...It's surprising!
And what's that you see far down the hill?
That's  life..
And what's here..uphill ..where you start?
That's also another life..
And what are you ..and the others?
Well..we all are just mediums of transfer.
For The Thing you seek?
Yes.It is and it never ends here.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Like waves..

It's not about big things you could have done
Or petty things that you do,
It's not about the achievements- there might be none
Neither about the failures - some of them you might not even know!

Day in and day out you might find yourself,
Trapped in sarcasms, betrayals, loss,
And yet, continually rediscover yourself,
Like those relentless ocean waves...

There are people you wanted to be with,
And people whom you never urged for,
And yet you find yourself in a cozy realm to be with
It is because, it's you, whose identity makes it worth for.

You are free to fall and arise again,
And follow your own path – the one which still lies afresh,
And the one that has been trodden, again and again,
The more you like it, pain of fall is less

The satisfaction of being oneself
It's a hard earned treasure,
No repents, no compromises and nothing that haunts yourself,
Freedom, they say, is a gifted measure