Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who Knows?

My friends do not know me,
I come from a mystic nation,
I cant laugh, I cant cry , I cant foresee
I do not have any emotion

The mirror does’ nt show me
The ocean stays still
The mountain bows to me
I am the master of my will

I stay calm , when mortals lament
I pass by the dead lanes
Without a drop trickling down, so silent;
I reside above all feelings and sentiment

I do not wish to know anyone
But I know myself,oh, who says!
My courage says it to everyone
I make my own ways

Who knows when my oddness
Had become me!
Who knows when my lonliness
Had overpowered me!

Who knows when I was desserted
And thrown out to face the cruel self
And then least cared
Who knows when I succumbed to death.

(Written on 05.02.09 at 12 am)

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