Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Matters

Well I am at home..finally.. 2 yrs of MBA is going to end and finally I will be MBA!!! Hopefully no backlogs in the last sem..but then as we draw to a close..some questions inevitably rise..and may be my next few posts will try to address them.So
today's much does lifestyle of a person contribute to the way the person actually is??
Let me elaborate on if one is unorganized in terms of stuff..does that necessarily translate into the fact the person is not well composed?or if a person is too much into reading books, does it mean he/she is very prudent?The other day I was watching "A Beautiful Mind" and it just made me think a few things..which I guess comes to every other sensible person's mind who has watched this movie.And that's how much of reality, actually, does surround us..and how much of it is something called our own world..the way we want the world to be.So when we see a person who is helping out others..there may be two ways..we may think that the person is extremely good or looking for some hidden reason..again the way we want.Whatever we see, is the lifestyle of a person, the outer crust,the way he/she reacts to certain triggers, certain inputs.So its actually a black box!!Everyone around us are black boxes and hence what we see, what we think can be extremely biased. We should remember that the actual personality is a function of many other factors apart from how basically the person is..factors can be external factors like the person being ill, disturbed, family reasons,socio economic reasons,and what not!!Even internal fcators like temporary depression, mood offs,different ways of perceiving reality and non-reality can be there.
We constantly evaluate everything around us..opportunists, non opportunists everybody does that..the moment we meet someone we start forming an idea about him/her depending on how he/she looks, dresses,speaks,lives,walks,eats.We must not forget that all these are superficial things and must not be considered as the "only" criteria about forming an opinion.Someone's eyes may be , by design so clear..but that doesnt make that person a saint...else Osama would have been one!!
So to be very clear,what I mean to say is one's lifestyle DOES NOT translate into KNOWING that person which inevitably many of us do..constantly do.I somehow cannot give that importance to lifestyle if a person is very unorganized yet caring, nurturing, I will probably remember the later ones..-

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