Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Yes to a No

One of my friends tells me that he is frustrated with life. It has been thrice in his lifetime of 26 years that the girl of his choice has said a “no”. And of course it’s not the same girl who has said a “no”. He was tired of listening to all “No’s. His parents would say “no”, his teachers would say “no” and who not!!He would wonder sometimes about where had the “yes” faces disappeared! He felt sick.
In fact this struck me also. Where had the “Yes” faces disappeared? Where are they? Someone who could just say a “yes” without weighing each and everything. I may sound too irrational in my opinion, but don’t we need some people who would just be there, without thinking of tomorrow? Yes I agree we need to weigh things, but aren’t we spending too much effort now a days for this “value analysis”? And as I was pondering over this two faces emerged before me, two people with whom I have been friends for a very long time. Although some “great minds” who are too obsessed with present and future may feel that I am cribbing for them,cribbing for the past etc etc, but I certainly do not have any such intension. It is all about admiring some people who deserve it.
I met him when I was in Std XI and then onwards I have always known him as someone who could make others laugh at his expense. We used to mock at him, but then at the end of the day how many people would be there who could make himself so stupid that others smile? And some of them were not even his friends. He would imitate so badly and so sincerely that one could not ignore him. He could sing well and I still remember how we used to sing, rather shout in the college canteen. He would dance like mad in the college festivals and sometimes I used to think what kept him going! Some of his PJs (rather bad PJs), they are still shared among our friends circle and in an instant we start laughing. And who can forget his “Good morning “mails after joining refreshing, so sweet (although forwarded). Being stupid made sense for him and now after about 10 years of knowing him, makes sense for me too.
Another has also been my friend for a long time. In fact she has been the person with whom I have fought maximum times and again been friends. Once again I met her too when in Std XI.Perhaps Scottish Church College had at offering the best of friends for me!! We used to go for city hopping and I still remember all those days of Durga Puja pandal hopping. During those days we were so unaware of the city details that more often than not we used to lose track of directions and lanes. But then never I found a “no” on her face. It was constant fun. Be it getting down from the bus and drenching in the rain or tasting our favourite “Fuchka” at the nearby stall in our college. Jhalmuri, chowmein, rolls, fuchka all made sense for us. And any day, any time you just ask her, and there she comes with her bright big eyes (which she used to call “Bullock cart’s headlight”) and an ever smiling face.
But guess all “yes” faces are somewhere lost in the crowd...some “santa-banta” faces and some “dumbo duffer” faces....Can just hope to find some more!!! And just when I was writing this,luckily I got one :)

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