Saturday, December 11, 2010

Made Bakri Again

Confusion is a part of life, sometimes hilarious too. However I don’t know why it has always been a part of my professional career!
Let me start from beginning. When I joined Engineering to one of the premier institutes in the country, a popular joke that made rounds when people heard that I study Instrumentation was "What instrument do you play?”While I am not at all demeaning all those who know how to "play" instruments, yet I would not like to be credited for anything which I don’t do at all. Henceforth, I made it a point that I should always tell the full name of the curriculum.Yes, its Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering. Electronics still sounds familiar.
Even the problem continued when I became Software Engineer in a Mobile Phone MNC.So do I make mobile? Would I be knowing what happens when your mobile gets dipped in water? Yes I doesn’t work and I know it from commonsense. Software is not something soft.
Again come to the fact that I did my MBA in Operations...still understandable from the basic meaning of the word yet confusing because of the term used in medical domain.
And now that I am working in consultancy!!So what do consultants do? They consult...simple. But every human being likes to give advice to others...isn't it? My locality's old granny consults on how to make perfect mango pickle, my married friends consult about 101 advantages of getting married, my maid consults about how to keep my bathroom floor perfectly dry and clean, and so on. Countless consultaions.Where do I stand? What do I do? And why I do get paid at all? Yes I do get paid, paid well, enough to make me grow some interest in this domain.
But still I can't wait to say that finally I have been "Made Bakri Again"

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