Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Piece of My Memory

Well all of us are more or less, obsessed with the devices of our life. Be it our laptop or our mobile or iPad or anything else.Yesterday when my most recent mobile's LCD display started going crazy, I too realized this.

As a result I was forced to use my old mobile, that I hadn't used since March this year. And well, it seemed a piece of my memory has been lost.My old mobile did not have any of the contacts, messages of last 9 months, phenomenal 9 months.Last May, I had moved to a new job, new city and I have been trying to build a new and partly old but comfortable realm of friends around me.It is not that my old mobile reminded me of my life in Beaverton, yes it did, but anyways my memory is not so bad that I need a mobile to remember that! And nor that the memories are so traumatic that I would be so sensitive about them! But the point in question is, I realized my mobile is kind of a part of my entity. As a result, I was behaving more like I have lost a part of my memory and as if I am placed in a time frame 9 months back.All the messages , call history , everything in the old one witnessed about me being working in my old company, living in Beaverton.It reminded me of the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a movie that I really really liked a lot..,

Also it made me think, that how , we , in our modern day world are living being traces of us , in bits and pieces and unknowingly how we are getting attached. Specially for people like us, living miles away from family and familiarity, the mobile device is unquestionably a testimony to who we are!May be it occurred for a small period of time, and as soon as I started getting calls and messages from my present, I was pulled away from that phase, but it did give me a taste of moving back in time. I was feeling claustrophobic and uncomfortable. ..may be that's why we say being with time is the best thing, you cannot lag behind it!

On the other hand, sometimes I have dreamt where I could see myself in a flashback time, of more happier moments. I felt happy during those times. and woke up with a refreshed mind. But when it comes to reality, going back to time seemed like scary.

For now, planning and forced to buy a new phone,during the thanksgiving weekend..

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