Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Maiden's Little Desire

She is my dream, though a distant vision,
A token of love,who knows where is she?
My soul, my passion,
Yet so far away from me

She wonders in the secrets of my heart
A desire veiled from everyone,
Her smile makes me laugh,her wounds make me hurt
Oh!She is my very little imagination

Her small paddy feet dance in rhythm,
Her innocent face blushes in the mystic moonlight,
And her bright big eyes,they twinkle
My little hope is untouched from every false delight.

Though a fancy, yet very often,
Her thought veils all my feelings,
And my bitter parts soften,
And my life drenches with the offerings.

And I forget every gloom and pain,
She leads me too a brighter world and shows a new way,
Full of smiles and hope, though all in vain,
As she is still so far away....

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