Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To you

When in the darkness of night
I wake up suddenly,terrified,
Hopeless,blank,without any light,
I think of you, I miss you.

When on my bed I lie,
All alone,numb and still,
I can feel you, sitting by
My side, sweet and caring.

When I feel like breaking into pieces,
When I am mocked by everyone,
You come to me and take away all my pains,
And I sleep peacefully.

When amidst oceans of deep unrest
I am at the verge of sinking,
You lend me your hand, lest,
I would have been lost forever.

When I seek someone very own,
In between thousands of unknown faces,
Your image emerges, you are my very own,
And I feel pacified.

I am a part of you,
I am in you, always,
You make me exist,I hope I was with you,
Always and forever............

(This poem is dediacted to my dearest mom and dad)

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