Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What if....

What if the last drop in the ocean dries,
And the thrist of hope is carried forever,
What if I get lost in the unknown sighs,
And then comeback never?

What if the sunlight never reaches the ground,
And forgets its path somewhere on the way,
What if I say I never wanted to be there,
And then forget everything that comes on my way?

What if the rainbow never shows up again,
And all the colours are forgotten,
What if I never go to search them?
All colours become faded and rotten.

What if all the goodness glances vanish
And there are no friendly smiles?
I too draw an end to it,
And hatred pervades everywhere, for miles and miles..

What if I say that I want to break into pieces,
And shatter all in vicinity?
What if I diminish to a point,
And travel towards infinity?

What if I free myself from all false ties,
And travel the blessed path forever,
Will you still remember me , my dearest,
If I am not there?

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