Monday, December 29, 2008


Today I slept in the class.This is not the first time that I have slept off in the class.Infact this is the fourth time.Previously twice I slept in Vedanta class and once in Sociology class.But today's exclusivity lies in the fact that I slept off when I was sitting on the first bench and I slept off in my most favourite professor's class.Truly I can only say that humans have no limits!!!I was dozing from the very beginning of the class but then finally I could not control myself.Thankfully the span was only for 2/3 minutes when I was waked up by a series of pinches by my friend sitting next to me.And lo!!! then again I started thinking.And I was thinking what not!!I was thinking about one of my closest friends.Suddenly I was transformed to those days when we used to go around Nandan,Academy,Rabindrasadan.I was really missing everything.Perhaps memories are somethig that are never lost unless you get amnesia.And in that respect my memory has been very sharp,something on which I can really boast.I remember every single event of my college life,I mean life at Jadavpur.Our campus,the long green road that led to our campus,the untrodden path full of bushes which used to be my favourite path which I would take instead of taking the main road,Bhoktoda's canteen,the xerox centre ,everything.I remember the xerox centre which used to be so over crowded just before semester.And sunilda,the lab assistant and offcourse teachers.I remember KM's dogs who would religiously wait for KM to come to the campus and bring buscuits for them.They were like an indicator to us to know whether KM is in campus or not.And then my friends!!!who can forget the holi day when sometimes we would be drenched in colours and sometimes flee from the backdoor without getting a drop of colour on our dresses.And then ,when for no reason people can tear off your dupatta!!!perhaps the most happening thing!! Our classroom,assembly hall,the stair cases,I miss all of them.Things lost cannot come back.We can only think that "agar aisa hota to kya hota",so was I.Thinking of all the possibilities that could have happened if I did something other than what I did.May be I would not have been here at this point of time.May be I would not have been at SCMHRD!May be this blog would have never existed.But then things were to happen in the way they have happened.So I am here,sleeping in class of Prof Prantosh Banerjee,getting lost in thoughts and finally ending up in writing the same classnotes twice.Thankfully I didnt get caught.Who knows may be someone was there who wanted to take me back to those days and yet dont get caught....

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  1. hey nice flow :)
    I read thru the entire site.. I understand u better now.. but got one thing to say:
    "Dont cry because its over. Smile becoz it happened at all"
    Its a good thing to remember the days spent.. but lets not allow them to rule us. Us meaning me too!