Friday, December 19, 2008

If Possible...

Someday I shall travel the path not travelled
I shall regain all that was lost
Someday, all truths will be unravelled
And I shall return to those whom I have loved the most

Someday, I shall comeback
Like a comet that astonishes everyone
Like a meteor that shines brightly in the sky rack
And then, falls again, to make true the wishes of someone

Someday I shall say all that was unsaid,
And the memories will be lighted up
Everything will be remade
Joyful moments will overflow in life’s cup

Wrapped in gold, chained in silver
Those memories were forgotten never
There was always a ray of hope, a cherished desire,
To make them stay forever

The container of life has always been full
Sometimes with hope, sometimes with despair,
With colours of grey and green, bright and dull,
With things that haunt me, with loss, with fear

All the unanswered questions still befuddle,
Someday I shall answer them all
Someday I will find a solution of the puzzle
And comeback to myself, to all

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