Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Music of Silence

The smoky air seems to be pale,the meadow is silent,
The trees- bowed with their burden,
The grasshoppers,the nut crackers are all patient,
The soothing breeze has found its way through the lane.

The cloud has just lifted the moon's veil,
And the stars peep through the silken texture,
Looking like diamonds studded in the dark apparel,
In which the sky is wrapped with lustre.

And from this darkened depth of the sky,
Sometimes strips of blue fall in the waters beneath,
They temble in the waves, bound by their fate to born and to die,
But remain eternal ,making the dull waters lit.

The creatures that animate the scene
Are now in the dreamy lands;
The path has been untrodden for hours,that has been
A little before the way to home for thousands.

The isolated yellow leaves are moving here and there
Against all odds of the roughness of the earth,
The fragrance of sleepy buds feels the air,
Eagerly waiting for the dawn,when they will take birth.

All creatures,big and small are resting
In the cradle of nature,
Nature herself,tired and worn out,panting
With the burden of the new civilized culture.

The colours of nature are dull,
Her brilliant lights are dim
She is there to nurture and to lull,
With all her affection fiilled upto the rim.

It seems as if time has become motionless,
There is neither a shout,nor the clattering of rains,
As if all senses have become feelingless
It is perhaps the music of silence.

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