Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lesser Mortals

This evening when I was struggling to understand the Financial Management class some weird ideas were just striking me .I know I should have been more attentive towards studies but as usual I was not.Somehow it takes a lot to make me listen to any lecture for hours unless it is very interesting.And once the flow of thoughts starts I just cannot resist it.
However coming to the point, I was remembering my maid at home..back in Kolkata.I suddenly thought that how inept I am in doing certain things in which she is such an expert.Then I thought that what does it take to a person to learn something?Is it necessity or fate or habit or interest?Take the case that I become inattentive in most of the how do I increase my do I become so attentive that once I listen to the class,it becomes imbibed in me?
But to be serious,we humans, are so gifted !!!!we are experts in defaming and undermining others capabilities .Some people can be happy thinking that other people are the lesser mortals.True..some people are, but in only certain aspects.Does it not mean that they are superiors in other aspect?Atleast my maid reminded me of this.She may be illiterate.She may be ugly(which off course is an inherited aspect).But she has a logical mind..whcih enables her to survive in this world spending less money on hospitals and more on necessities ,inspite of being a "lesser mortal" .Then I was reminded of my friends.I have had friends who have been far more intellectual than me and others who are not.But then does it mean that I am less in anything or are the others?No.Because our life's logic is best understood and executed by ourselves only.We do not expect any outside intervention and do not intend to listen to any hefty ideas in this respect.
So how does the logic work?It is perhaps a real time simulator that gets inputs as love,hatred,betrayal,friendship,relations and what not..all kinds of scrap things.Then it converts all these to a logical output that enables us to survive.So is'nt the mechanism really wonderfull?
or we are actually WONDERFOOLS not to have recognised the immense potential each one of us has.So I may be the ugliest ,funniest and stupidest,but still I can be the best.God save those souls who spend infinite words and time to criticise the lesser mortals.

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