Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yesterday I caught cold or better to say cold caught me.I was sitting in my boring class room,but from no where did come a cold breeze.It was intelligent enough to have found me from among all the people present in the class as most of the times I feel my presence in the class is minimal.And I have chosen to be so.Certain things are not worth it in certain places!!!!Yes it may seem that I lack admiration for this place which is true.But what can I do if something does not deserve it,neither by fate nor by quality!!!!So I dont think I am gulilty of not respecting the educational institution to where I belong.But belongingness is actually so vague!!Just like this cold breeze which touched me.I dont know why ,but I felt so much belongingness for this one.It came as though to take me to some very familiar world.I felt happy yet sad.Before I could realize,my eyes felt the humidity although I was smart enough to wipe it off in time before anybody could notice.But yes there are very few people who "notice" things and even fewer who after "noticing" react.So even if I would not have been this efficient in feeling my wet eyes and taking the corrective action,it would not have been a problem.
But yes,why,why did I feel so?I was reminded of something so close,something so own.If it is so much close to me and if I have the ownership then howcome I was not able to recognise what it was actually?Just a vague picture of a long road,with green trees on its sides...a wet road..fragrance of wet tea in the clay pots !!!Tea in clay pots is actually amazing-it maintains the correct temperature both at the surface and at the bottom so that when you take the sip,the tea is not that hot,at the same time liquid at the bottom is very hot.Simple scientific solutions!!And on top of that the taste of tea really comes good.The only disadvantage being sometimes the pots have holes.Just like everything in life has a loophole!!!
But why am I speaking of loopholes?Loopholes are meant to be there so that big problems can passs through them easily.So we should admire the presence of holes and loopholes in our lives.
Anyways,I was speaking of that breeze.Now a days I have become such lazy tha I suffer from amnesia.So I could not decode what it was only because I could not remember or else I did'nt want to?So atlast we,friends had a nice walk around our campus,did some stupid talk(which incidentally is the chalice of happiness ,here at SCMHRD because we have very few joyous moments here) and in turn forgot what message that breeze wanted to convey.Oh!!Again amnesia struck me.So I completely forgot and lazily got back to room.
Perhaps certain messages are best left undecoded.

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