Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Autobiography of a Weathered Leaf

Do you know me my beloved?
I am a torn, yellow, weathered leaf
Of your premises, that is swept
By every small blow of wind, yes, I am just a weathered leaf.
My destination is nowhere
I am carried there, where the gusty winds take me...
I abide here and there
But no one offers a home to me
And whenever I pass by the lanes
Where I can feel your fragrance
My tears come along, like a thousand rains,
And my urge deepens for one glance
My roads are never the same
Sometimes, I travel along the red countryside
And sometimes by the rugged lane
Sometimes across the barren rocks and sometimes by the seaside.
In my endless journey, where the path never does cease
I carry laughter, tears, success and failures with me
I talk to flowers, birds and the gentle breeze
I sleep at the cradle of the shadowy tree
But again, whenever I see myself
In the lucid watersIt reminds me of my green days and I seek myself
In some lost days, in some forgotten years.
And while I travel in the lands far, far away
Yet there's something that holds me back to the past
A bunch of hopes, some stale memories of happiness and gay
And some unspoken feelings that forever last....

P.S. This poem reminds me of JU days..some lost memories,some forgotten lanes...


  1. I read all ur.. poems.. most of them have common.. theme running across.. i.e a feeling of emptiness.. infact it's hard to differentiate b/w all ur poems.. all of them seem to be continuation of the previous.. liked this one and that "tears" one..others r good too..
    My only suggestion or wish.. if u cud write with more optipism.. life isn't so empty .. :)

  2. Thanks Gautam....I know most of my poems are pessimistic..but eventually I write poems when I am no happy poems rey..but will try to pen down some merry ones also..