Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Imperfect Impressions

Above was blue sky standing still,
Below the vastness of concrete,
A lifeless, terrifying thought,
As if something was unknown, something secret;
The thought was unknown, profound and redolent
And a bemoaning voice could be heard
From a very distant place --a prolix, incomplete thought.
Yet silence pierced through every heart,
Every heart was blank, timid and obsolete,
Motion was still and stagnant,
All changes had already occurred:timelessness was now set,
To make each one foolish, each one vacant

The next was a speedy road—a busy junction
Everyone looked for a moment at the options,
And then turned on—never waiting for anyone,
For anything, each one lost in their own notions
Time appeared at a new pace—each heart—incomplete and unfulfilled, running away
From everything, from everyone and from themselves,
Perhaps, all decided to run on an endless, unblissful and cruel way.

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