Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beyond Time

The sky is mine,the angels are all my friends,
I want to see them,I want to speak with them,
And watch them rejoice beyond the ends,
Dancing and singing in a eavenly rhythm.

I want to look through the cloud,
I know they can never shadow me,
I want to see through then and laugh aloud,
As they play and chatter with me.

I want to peep into the abode of stars,
And perceive the fairy living in the mystic world
When the graceful wonder passes the idle hours,
Adoring her beauty and looking onto the entire world

I want to see the first dew on the green leaf,
When the dawn slowly comes into existence
I want to feel its joy and grief,
And see how it gets drenched in happiness rains.

I want to hover with the the running waters.
As they go on flowing in a n incessant way,
Travelling from land to land ,visiting several harbours,
And carrying burdens in their long tiring way.

I want to rejoice in the verdant of nature,
I want to listen to its song,enjoy its beauty and grasp its rhyme,
And loose myself in the unknown of nature,
I want to cross the limits of eternity and move beyond time.

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