Sunday, January 11, 2009


The girl watched everything.Their glittering clothes and eyes,their hope ,the unsaid, unexplained lustre in their eyes.The girl. she is just 22 , heading towards an infinite world, in a MBA school.Truly MBA schools give you everything other than time with yourself.Because you have to think of the community, how to make money and then all other means of how to preserve that money.The girl, so lean and so similar to all other girls of her age was almost indistinguishable in the crowd.The crowd had a work to do, that is to cheer up the children.The girld had worked with those children and many others by virtue of her work with the NGO.The children belonged to the backward classes of the society , and the MBA college ,being a premier Business School has to have some CSR activity to promote its benevolence.

Every year the children particpate in the B school festivals.They dance ,they sing ,dressed in beautiful dresses.They come down to the stage like little fairies .They have been with the NGO for a couple of years now.And the NGO has been successfully able to support these children.
The girl, with a spark in her eyes was looking at those children.Children who belong to a class where they dont have any right to dream,and even if they dream,they can only think of lots and lots of money pouring onto them,without even giving a thought where that money comes from.Children who have grown up watching Shahrukhs and Amitavs, teaching them how everything is possible in life . So is it so actually?The girl thought. When she was at home, (where she had not been for a couple of years now), her maid used to idealize her way of dressing up.She would try to do it exactly the way her employer did.The maid respected her so much.But why was it not possible that her maid would have tried to copy her perseverance for education?Why is it only glamour is something to be copied and improvised upon?May be because at some stage you dont have an idea of what to choose.
And now see these children.Under the supervision of the NGO they go to school,they study.But when they come to the festivals, wearing those beautiful dresses arent they attracted by the glam of MBA? a place where mostly students from most affluent families come and try their luck in increasing their already existing money? Arent they illusioned by all these? Will they ever be able to study in these colleges leave apart aspire to become CEOs?
With these stream of questions banging her head, the girl realized that may be these children will never be able to do all that they dream of now.In India there are thousands and crores of people who meet their destiny just beacause it is their destiny! And she cant do anything about it.
With this may be a few lines fom Tagore would have been appropropriate:
"Aguner poroshmoni chhoyao praney...
E jibon purno karo, e jibon purno koro...."


  1. nicely written...really great to think about these intricacies of life ....keep it mistake in Tagore's last should be "E jibon purno karo,e jibon purno karo"...

  2. thanks a lottt ..but checked the lyrics again...seems its "punno karo" only and not "purno karo"...can u chk in the book..i chked in net at various websites