Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Ode To Life

The antique apertures were all closed and dark,
The air rarefied,
Inside the castle was she, struck
With sorrow and horrified.

She grew up in that way;
And never met anyone.
She lived life in a deadly way,
She had never waited for someone.

The castle stood high up in the air,
It was majestic and gorgeous,
It symbolized pride and splendour,
Its apparent hardness was obvious.

People were all afraid of the strange structure,
No one ever dared to enter it,
The emotions in her never did rupture,
The castle was a rare piece with sky above and earth beneath.

And then once in a bright morning,
A narrow sunbeam did make its way,
Through the tranquil ancientness, so overpowering,
It was perhaps the only courage of the day.

She was struck with surprise,
As her face did illumine,
With the countless glowing device,
And she entered into a new world of sunshine.

Now she was happy and gay,
For her old strangeness she did repent;
New hopes bloomed in her way.
The tender touch was so sentient.

Her heart was dazzling with delight,
The heart that has been untouched for days,
Now her happiness touched a new height,
And she thanked the bright sunrays.

It taught her to love, it taught her to live
Her notion of life and its miseries changed;
The passionate particles knew to contrive
Her oddness, and her thoughts from east to west ranged.

She now understood, it is only affection
That can give and take everything,
That gave her an unsaid satisfaction,
And the heavenly gift to her from the glowing sunbeam.

(Something needs to be written about this poem.This peom I wrote when I was 16.This is my first poem .Although I used to write some pretty decent poems as a kid, but then before this one came, I last wrote when I was in Std V.So can say this is my first poem.It was 11th Nov and I woke up suddenly at 4 am,( you only know how unusual is that for me!), because suddenly it happened to me.So one can say, that it is really my dream poem and very close to my heart)


  1. Sweet Sixteen . What can I say ? The world really needs to get a slice of your thoughts .