Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Soul Dies

Life seems to be a burden of my dead desires,
Hope, nothing but a very distant vision,
Likelihood of some happiness is nil,yet the cruel hours
Are gliding on and on.

There are many men around me,
But yet I am desserted from the crowd,
I have known myself and they have known me,
Oh!I cant love them,I cant hate them,I cant cry aloud

The nature is scattering its sparkling beauty
Everywhere can be seen the glory of sanguine sunshine,
But I can perceive a dark world within,devoid of serenity
A world where I can find nothing mine.

I still carry the burden of my rotten desires.
And survive with the support of some stale memories,
Things were never like this in the past years,
Now I have faced complere seiure of all my feelings.

Everything remains unchanged and the same,
But I am lifeless and tired of pretensions,
My captivity has overpowered my name,
And I am left with my own ruins.

I have never known my sin,
Yet I am lost and I will come back never
I have no tears to shed at my coffin,
My soul has died,my soul rests forever.
PS. : This poem was written long back in 2000 

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