Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tears wont come

Tears won’t come to me
I have had much of them
You can try as much as possible, may be
But tears won’t come…

Because life never stops and never does it let you stop
Because the oceans go on and on
Because there is some strength in every rain drop
Tears won’t come…

Days sobbed in despair, days, so deceitful,
That I have had…
But they never did defeat me, not at all,
I assure, tears won’t come…

I hate tears, I hate weak moments
They take away everything
And now, that nothing is left to me but laments,
I know tears won’t come…

Let them rest in peace and freedom
Free from my eyes, my soul, where they irked,
Let me see new colours of dawn,
I am happy, tears won’t come…

Stay with me, see with me
To see the clouds unveil the sun
Share the joy and be a part of me,
You will know, tears will never come

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